samedi 11 septembre 2010


OK, let's start to use Python! Well, first of all, where can I obtain it? It's a freeware, so don't need to ask for money to buy a licence, that's a first very good point!
I'm working with mainly 2 OS: Linux (very old Fedora) and OSX from Mac. It's easier for me to work now with the Mac on this project, but from what I understood, anything will be translated from one OS to the other one without problems. I also have a very uptodate Ubuntu in a VirtualBox, where I can also try things.
Python is already installed on the Mac. Fine! But it seems I will have to install "modules" (the way Python people call libraries). Me first problem is that other programs in my Mac depends on Python, so what If I do something wrong? To avoid this, I decided to install another Python distribution in the Port environment, and no to touch the /Library one.

Very easy to install, just a "sudo port install python-26" and it's OK!
I realized that a previous Python was already present, the 24. I install python_select and use it to define the default version to be 26, namely the 2.6.6 one.
Ok, ready to go.
First command:
Python 2.6.6 (r266:84292, Sep  9 2010, 10:10:29)
[GCC 4.2.1 (Apple Inc. build 5664)] on darwin
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> 5+7

So cool!

I quickly Google some informations and install some modules that seems to be of big interest:
scipy, numpy, pylab. All available by the "sudo port install" command.
The 2 other ones I installed today are numdisplay and pyfits, both are not in the port distribution. Easy to find the page where they can be downloaded, and after a gunzip-tar, I'm with directories in which it seems the tradition wants a "sudo python install" to do the job.

As I'm coming from IDL, I don't want to loose one of the 3 main issues of this language: the I (which stay for Interactive). I already know that Python can deal with the D (data) and the L (language), but for the I, it seems that the use of ipython is preferable. OK, not a problem, it's available from the port repository.

Now I can start to play with my brand new game!...

Here is a list of all the modules accessible from my ipython, using help ('modules'):
{CM:cmmacbook-2 ~/Python/Modules} ipython-2.6
Python 2.6.6 (r266:84292, Sep  9 2010, 10:10:29)
Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

IPython 0.10 -- An enhanced Interactive Python.
?         -> Introduction and overview of IPython's features.
%quickref -> Quick reference.
help      -> Python's own help system.
object?   -> Details about 'object'. ?object also works, ?? prints more.

In [1]: help ('modules')

Please wait a moment while I gather a list of all available modules...

/opt/local/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6/lib/python2.6/site-packages/matplotlib/numerix/ DeprecationWarning:
matplotlib.numerix and all its subpackages are deprecated.
They will be removed soon.  Please use numpy instead.

  warnings.warn(msg, DeprecationWarning)
AppKit              _multibytecodec     hotshot             posix
Audio_mac           _multiprocessing    htmlentitydefs      posixfile
BaseHTTPServer      _random             htmllib             posixpath
Bastion             _scproxy            httplib             pprint
CGIHTTPServer       _socket             ibrowse             profile
Canvas              _sqlite3            ic                  pspersistence
Carbon              _sre                icglue              pstats
Cocoa               _ssl                icopen              pty
CodeWarrior         _strptime           idlelib             pwd
ColorPicker         _struct             igrid               py2app
ConfigParser        _symtable           ihooks              py_compile
Cookie              _testcapi           imaplib             pyclbr
CoreFoundation      _threading_local    imghdr              pydoc
Dialog              _tkinter            imp                 pydoc_topics
DocXMLRPCServer     _warnings           imputil             pyexpat
EasyDialogs         _weakref            inspect             pyfits
Explorer            abc                 io                  pylab
FileDialog          aepack              ipipe               pytz
Finder              aetools             ipy_app_completers  quopri
FixTk               aetypes             ipy_autoreload      random
Foundation          aifc                ipy_bzr             re
FrameWork           altgraph            ipy_completers      readline
HTMLParser          anydbm              ipy_constants       repr
IN                  applesingle         ipy_defaults        resource
IPython             appletrawmain       ipy_editors         rexec
InterpreterExec     appletrunner        ipy_exportdb        rfc822
InterpreterPasteInput argvemulator        ipy_extutil         rlcompleter
MacOS               array               ipy_fsops           robotparser
MimeWriter          ast                 ipy_gnuglobal       runpy
MiniAEFrame         astyle              ipy_greedycompleter sched
Nav                 asynchat            ipy_jot             scipy
Netscape            asyncore            ipy_kitcfg          scitedirector
OSATerminology      atexit              ipy_legacy          select
PhysicalQInput      audiodev            ipy_lookfor         sets
PhysicalQInteractive audioop             ipy_p4              setuptools
PixMapWrapper       autoGIL             ipy_pretty          sgmllib
Queue               base64              ipy_profile_doctest sha
Scientific          bdb                 ipy_profile_none    shelve
Scientific_affinitypropagation bdist_mpkg          ipy_profile_numpy   shlex
Scientific_interpolation bgenlocations       ipy_profile_scipy   shutil
Scientific_netcdf   binascii            ipy_profile_sh      signal
Scientific_numerics_package_id binhex              ipy_profile_zope    site
Scientific_vector   bisect              ipy_pydb            smtpd
ScrolledText        bsddb               ipy_rehashdir       smtplib
SimpleDialog        buildtools          ipy_render          sndhdr
SimpleHTTPServer    bundlebuilder       ipy_server          socket
SimpleXMLRPCServer  bz2                 ipy_signals         sqlite3
SocketServer        cPickle             ipy_stock_completers sre
StdSuites           cProfile            ipy_synchronize_with sre_compile
StringIO            cStringIO           ipy_system_conf     sre_constants
SystemEvents        calendar            ipy_traits_completer sre_parse
Terminal            cfmfile             ipy_user_conf       ssl
Tix                 cgi                 ipy_vimserver       stat
Tkconstants         cgitb               ipy_which           statvfs
Tkdnd               chunk               ipy_winpdb          string
Tkinter             clearcmd            ipy_workdir         stringold
UserDict            cmath               itertools           stringprep
UserList            cmd                 jobctrl             strop
UserString          code                json                struct
_AE                 codecs              keyword             subprocess
_AH                 codeop              ledit               sunau
_App                collections         lib2to3             sunaudio
_CF                 colorsys            libxml2             symbol
_CG                 commands            libxml2mod          symtable
_CarbonEvt          compileall          linecache           sys
_Cm                 compiler            locale              syslog
_Ctl                configobj           logging             tabnanny
_Dlg                contextlib          macerrors           tarfile
_Drag               cookielib           macholib            telnetlib
_Evt                copy                macostools          tempfile
_File               copy_reg            macpath             terminalcommand
_Fm                 crypt               macresource         termios
_Folder             csv                 macurl2path         test
_Help               ctypes              mailbox             textwrap
_IBCarbon           curses              mailcap             this
_Icn                datetime            markupbase          thread
_LWPCookieJar       dateutil            marshal             threading
_Launch             dbhash              math                time
_List               dbm                 matplotlib          timeit
_Menu               decimal             md5                 tkColorChooser
_Mlte               difflib             mhlib               tkCommonDialog
_MozillaCookieJar   dircache            mimetools           tkFileDialog
_OSA                dis                 mimetypes           tkFont
_Qd                 distutils           mimify              tkMessageBox
_Qdoffs             doctest             mmap                tkSimpleDialog
_Qt                 drv_libxml2         modulefinder        toaiff
_Res                dumbdbm             modulegraph         token
_Scrap              dummy_thread        mpl_toolkits        tokenize
_Snd                dummy_threading     multifile           trace
_TE                 easy_install        multiprocessing     traceback
_Win                email               mutex               tty
__builtin__         encodings           netrc               turtle
__future__          envpersist          new                 types
_abcoll             errno               nis                 unicodedata
_ast                exceptions          nntplib             unittest
_bisect             ext_rescapture      nose                urllib
_bsddb              fcntl               ntpath              urllib2
_builtinSuites      filecmp             nturl2path          urlparse
_bytesio            fileinput           numbers             user
_codecs             findertools         numdisplay          uu
_codecs_cn          fnmatch             numeric_formats     uuid
_codecs_hk          formatter           numpy               validate
_codecs_iso2022     fpformat            objc                videoreader
_codecs_jp          fractions           opcode              warnings
_codecs_kr          ftplib              operator            wave
_codecs_tw          functools           optparse            weakref
_collections        future_builtins     os                  webbrowser
_csv                gc                  os2emxpath          whichdb
_ctypes             gdbm                parser              win32clip
_ctypes_test        genericpath         pdb                 wsgiref
_curses             gensuitemodule      pickle              xdrlib
_curses_panel       gestalt             pickleshare         xml
_elementtree        getopt              pickletools         xml2po
_fileio             getpass             pimp                xmllib
_functools          gettext             pipes               xmlrpclib
_hashlib            glob                pkg_resources       xxsubtype
_heapq              grp                 pkgutil             zipfile
_hotshot            gzip                platform            zipimport
_json               hashlib             plistlib            zlib
_locale             heapq               popen2             
_lsprof             hmac                poplib             

Enter any module name to get more help.  Or, type "modules spam" to search
for modules whose descriptions contain the word "spam".

Well, it's lot!
I will first concentrate on trying to reproduce what I'm teaching to the students in IDL. The best could be for example to try to follow the Cook-book I wrote 10 years ago:

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